3 tips on how to launch a self published book without online followers

We are at a point of human civilization where technological exposure has an impact on virtually everything we do, and this applies to authors as well. Many first time authors who do not have a strong online presence prior to the launch of their first book whether traditionally published or self published find it very difficult. This is because these first-time authors now have to see to combining both growing their online presence and marketing their books and many times most of them make use of the latter to achieve the former which results in failure of the two. In the following 3 tips, I’ll explain how you as a traditionally published or self-published author can market your book successfully even with a minimal online presence.

Make use of existing readers
Existing readers refers to the people who already know you and have had some sort of engagement with your writing before now. These folks should be your starting point as a first time author. Reaching out to these people and telling them about your book can often lead to guaranteed sales from people who know, like and trust you. Remind them either through direct mail or an email newsletter and follow up when your self published book has been released.

Encourage readers to refer your book
Gaining the trust of existing readers also gives you access to their audience, contacts and networks. They’ll have no problem promoting your book to friends and shouting your praises but you must ask for it. It should also be EASY for them. Consider writing a brief introduction of your book that they can simply copy and paste into an email. The less work they have to do to promote you, the better. Set a goal on the number of referrals you’d like to pursue and you’ll be amazed at how this simple method can increase your reach.

Make use of influencers
Influencers are people who have been able to win the loyalty of people in a particular region or industry. Reaching out to influencers can be a very helpful way to market your book as they possess the power to influence their online audience to purchase. As a first time author, it might be challenging to connect with the more in-demand influencers. However, if you do, your book marketing will definitely take on a new dimension and begin reaching people you never imagined.

Using these 3 tips, you have a higher chance of success as a first-time author even though you have no online followers. Remember, launching your book is a strategic endeavor and the smarter you leverage what you have, the better.