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% of people discover new brands or products via video

% of people would like to see more video from brands

% of users prefer to watch video over reading text

CEO Statement



Video has rapidly become a very popular and effective method that companies use to promote their brands, products, and services to their target audiences.

However, video itself is merely a tool. Its content must be compelling, relatable, and informative to effectively attract and engage audiences to prompt a course of action. Maxmedia Studios creates such messaging through visual storytelling and solution-based content marketing and strategy.

We develop our storytelling strategy by learning and understanding your mission, objectives, needs, pain points, and those of your clients. Then we create a series of videos that exemplify your purpose and objectives.

This proposal outlines the video content and system that we recommend to make your marketing efforts more effective in today’s “new normal” business landscape.

The Proposal


This proposal recommends a 5-part video series that will improve your client acquisition process from initial contact to onboarding —resulting in increased revenues and efficiency.

Pain Points

During our previous conversation, the following were recognized pain points why a solution like this was needed.


No established system to convert prospects into clients


No dedicated process of automated prospect followup


No content that builds immediate trust with prospects

The Solution

The solution to the pain points listed above is our Business Funnel System.
It consists of the following:


5 Core Videos that facilitate the client journey


Automated prospect followup


Professionally copywritten content


YouTube channel setup/optimization

Business Funnel System

Videos designed to walk prospects through the customer journey

Follow Up

Use to further engage prospects after an initial meeting or pitch session.


Describes the process used to solve your client’s problem(s).


Walks new clients through what to expect and sets their expectations.


Answers commonly asked questions — preventing the wasting of your precious time.


Showcases the success stories created from the solution you provide.

Automated Follow Up

Automated email sequences for follow up and staying top of mind.


A branded hub to house your core videos and additional media content.



Powerfully written copy that converts prospects into paying clients.

Your Investment


The Business Funnel System is a done-for-you solution designed to streamline the process of helping you to develop new business and stay top of mind in your industry. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to make sure the level of service provided exceeds your expectations.

Total Investment = $499/mo. (requires a 12-month agreement)

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to review this proposal.
It has been a pleasure to share our Business Funnel System with you!